Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Temple Trip

Portland temple. .

Great shot there, eh??

It was cold and so beautiful!!

Lunch at Applebee's

On the way from the back 40 of the temple parking lot! it was a busy day!!

Brent and Bethany in the solarium

Bethany with mom and dad

It was dark when we came out!!

This is the same door that the kids had their picture taken in front of on their wedding day!!

Cold Stone for dessert!! mmmmm

Going Home

Ella waiting to get OUT of the stroller

Goodbye again. . next time will be for the baby!!

Joe misplaced his wallet Sat. night, so he was without picture ID, and had to go thru the extra special line! ha This nice gentleman was helping them..Madi had to vouce for Joe..guess she wanted him to come with, cuz she did!!

Madi's Treasures After Christmas Finds

Duck. . duck. . maybe goose??

Candle snuffer. . a great little bee hive!

Angel snowball

Dinner At Dairy Queen

So we went to get fries and gravy at DQ and Ella loved the straws. . funny story about this place...a couple were vacationing in Oregon and were in Yachats at the local DQ for ice cream. While they were standing in line waiting for their turn they were asking each other how to pronounce Yachats. . YA-HOTS or YATC-ETS. . Still uncertain of the correctness, they asked the little girl at the counter when it was their turn.."Excuse us, but how do you pronounce this place??" The server slowly said, with emphasis "DAIR_EEE QU-EEEN"

Ella, Queen of the straws!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Days

Ella and Joe
GM with Taylor and Ella Christmas Sunday

Taylor and her dad

The Mackenzies

Terry and Tay

Ella and Eme

The Harty children

Papa and I with the little girls

Chrissy and AJ with Austin

Taylor and Ella and Madi

Tacos for dinner

"This is the story. . " The Nativity Song. . with our own wise men and sheperds and Joseph and Mary/Madi with child. .

The men in the house. .

and the women of the house!

The Hartys

The McShinskys

Four generations

Ella and dad

Chef Ella

Steven's new hat

Madi's new candy bar!!

Christmas Eve Happenings

Ella gets a pony!

Jake and Tom get electronics

Eme a kitten

Joe and JIm get these! whatever this is!! ha

I gave all the families Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater and for Bethany's family, they all got sweaters too.

GM Ida got a gift basket from the girls and me and this photo album was part of it.

Eme with a doll....mmmm....she's not much of a doll girl, can u tell??

Tom and his new watch!!

AJ and Terry


Some of the maddness that night!

GM's gift basket

The Hartys

Madi and Joe