Friday, May 10, 2013

Rhody Princesses And Rotary Luncheon

 This was Taylor getting the bread out of her mouth before I took the picture. . but it was funny! The princesses were presented at the Rotary luncheon on Tuesday..I got to take Tay. . then they had pics taken by Joshua Greene..he's the official photographer for Rhody Days I guess.

 This was her outfit she came in, changed into official dress there. . I LOVED this dress and leggings look!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

40 Year Photo, Doctor Trip and The Lady Washington

 This was our 40th anniversary pic down at GM Ida's after church. Then on Thursday, GM went to the doc for a recast and xray. This was her journey to Toni's car!!

 On Saturday, we took Taylor and Danny to Coos Bay to ride the tall ship Lady Washington in the bay and have a mock battle with her rival ship, the Hawaiian Chiefton. We picked the kids up at Dee's, way up Ada, and Steven wanted to save time by going over the hill to hit 101 on Gardner Hill..ok. We made up about 30 minute. . that's good. BUT we blew a tireout. That's not good. Bumpy, sharp rocked road. . . ahhh.

 So here we are at Les Schawb getting new tires!!! Yep, one was broke, so the car needed all new ones, its all wheel 4 wheel drive...whatever. THAT was not part of my timeline!!!
 On to CB and the sailing trip!! I had the kids pose with pics of the magazine and the Lady on the cover!!  The it was off for a "three hour tour" ,hehe.

 Coos Bay bridge, canon battle, and the weather was the best this year...89 degrees on the coast is something to write home about!
 We found out a few facts about the ship and the captain. . he and the ship were on episodes of "Once Upon A Time". . and the ship was in the first "Pirates of The Carribeanen  " and that Johnny Depp had been on the ship!! Taylor and Danny were all agag about that!! They were looking and touching and making memories the rest of the sail!!