Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Snow ADventure

Mail was late on Wed cuz of snow, this is the 1100 pick up
time and he had just got there..
Steven and I went to Eugene to his doc appt on Thursday and this was our ride over!

Dinner with Pinky and Steve at Bridgewater. .spendy, but good.

Snow Damage and A Trip To Coos Bay

This USPS cartoon is for my girls. .
and then next few pictures of the damage the heavy snow wrecked
on the town. .

Taylor had never watched a 3d movie before, who knew?? and we
have a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth..complete with
glasses. . so we watch it Friday night. .

On our way to coos bay Sat. to watch Journey 2, Lost island!
No, we didn't take Brendon with us, but wouldn't that have been NICE!!

I HATE THIS COMPUTER!! thank you for that, the pics get all out of order
and not sure why!! AHH!! So over the bridge we go. .and you can see it before we get there,
in the LAST pic instead of the first one..grrr...

It was St Patrick's Day and BK was giving away free fries with
green ketchup..yuk, but tay enjoyed it. .then off for some shopping and thn to the movies.
The theater had stadium seating,again she had never been in one like this, hehe, she LOVED it, had to sit
in a number of different seats to try it all out!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness!!!

Let me start off by saying I HATE THIS COMPUTER!!!
I cant beleive how many times it moves my pics out of where I PUT them. .
ahhhh! We had Taylor Monday night for FHE
and went to DQ for dinner. . so Steve and Tay are somewhere in Tuesday. .
AND WE GOT 8inches OF SNOW Monday night. .

1100 pm and what the heck is this??? ha!

Off to work, but not the logger boy. . too much snow for him!

Me at work with another new sweater. . hehe. . and the girls with papa
having a snowball battle. .