Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sleep Number Bed. . .

Here we are Steven and I in our new bed. . check out all his hair!!
And I have a great new shape! HA!!
AND we have a dog!! Not sheets, but we look so good. . .on our new Sleep Number bed. . .
bahahahaha. . NOT. . . but
we will have ours delivered in a few weeks and we are hoping that it help Steve's poor old hurting back feel better.
We went to Eugene last Saturday and got it all figured out. . nearly had a STROKE at the cost of having less back pain tho! Holy Cow!!
Updates to follow. . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28,1973 Florence Oregon
Harry and Ida Moore, the newly wedded Mr and Mrs Steven Winona, Bob and Myrna Winona.
Bahahahahaha. . .
Oh you have to love the 70's, the big hair, the blue suits with ruffles..the fashion look..
my dress has since been made into a blessing gown for the girl babies, I'm sure the blue suits are in a museum somewhere. .
Steven and I both have a lot less hair. . . GM Ida's hair is white. . we're all a bit rounded then we were here. .
Bob and Lucky have both died. .
but our lives are still connected to them thru the Gospel. .

It's been 37 years. . .holy moly. .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Competing With Crate And Barrel . . Madi Style!

beach combing for driftwood pieces. .

my feet look like they are in warm sand...not so much! ha

Lily wasn't sure of the whole thing at first, but soon got the hang of it

Madi gathering

working on the mirror

YM/YW Activity At Miller Park

The YM werein charge of this avtivity, soccer and burgers at the park..and it was COLD!! Not just cool and windy, but COLD. Mercy. . but the youth just took it all in and had a great time! Above are Lac and Pinky, below is Brother Johnson.

Emilee and Kennedy

Danielle and Jasmine

Sheri and Zac after playing soccer with a bad hand. . oops, its bleeding again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pioneer Woman In The Pacific Northwest

We went, we saw, we had a ball!! I have photos on Sue's camera but her memory card won't work in my camera. . and I can't download them!! AHHHH !! Madi is going to try and get them on her machine for me today. . so you can enjoy what the FUN we had last night!

Ree Drummond was in the area last night, and I had looked into going over a month ago. . and Monday was the day! Pinky and I and Luell left here and picked up Sue in Eugene( she had taken our mom to the doctor with her Steve), so we grabbed her at Target and then headed to Corvallis to get Stephanie, Pinky's daughter. Then it was off to the book signing!! We waited from 4:45 till 9:30 to get our's signed. . but it was so much fun waiting and chatting and mingling with other bloggers and PW fans.

What a gracious and really just nice woman she is!! We got our photo taken with her, and I can't wait to post it for ya! We all got our books signed and even had Ree's oldest daughter Alex sign a page with her picture. . and had a nice visit with Marlboro man's mother. . what a sweet lady! They loved it here in Northwest. . and I even remember to take along some copies on the Oregon Coast Magazine to share with them. She said they would read them on the plane. . they are not big flyers, so the distraction would be welcome!

We just had a wonderful time. After the signing, we went to Baja Fresh for a really LATE dinner and then headed home. Late night, lots of laughter, lots of stopping to potty. . lots of memories.
Thanks PW for the adventure!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jobs Forum For Jay

The Flo Bo team put on this jobs forum for Jay...they asked questions to Jay that could help Florence and Lane county. It was pretty informative..and we had a fun time too.

The panel had Lac representing contractors..and other business folks...

Flag Waving Rally

We had another rally on Saturday morning, and I had Taylor for the day, so she and Ella came with me to help out. Steven was watching Lily, she was napping, so Madi could go to the thrift stores. .

the little girls were thrilled with all the dogs/puppies that were in attendance!

Love these new signs!

Pinky. . here, and two of the Steves below!

Ella LOVED that tiny little puppy!

Tay and a bird!

The Hamills!!

Sunday Afternoon Silliness


and Grandma