Saturday, July 31, 2010

Williams-Winona Family Day

I wanted to make a quick stop at TJ Max's on the way to the picnic, but while were getting there, on 7th street, firetrucks and police cars were dodging all around us and heading off to a fire. . and oh yeah, they were headed to TJ Max's too!! Well the Red Lion just next door. . but you get the idea!! It took a while and some backtracking and bypassing to get there. . but we made it.

On to Brownsville and the park. .
The family photo. . I wasnt quite ready I guess, cuz all you get from me is some hair! HA. .
oh well. .

Birthday for Rhian, who was four today. . and cousins were in force to hwlp her celebrate.

Rhian and Cloe

Mavis and her friend

Steven and Brady
Steven and Lyn

Sack races. .

Shalon and Tom with Cloe

Mavis and Shelia and Sherrie's dog. .

Saw this bear on the way home!! hahaha. .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art Robinson For Congress.Com

When the general election was ran, we wanted Janee Germond, but Art Robinson beat her for the right to run for office. After listening to him tonight, I can see why he won. The man is amazingly smart( a nuclear scientist), gifted with words and has common sense! He told of an Indiana Jones quote when asked by a young man in the scene, he wanted to know why the bad people did what they did. . and Indy replied" Power and money, kid. Power and money" Art Robinson is running on a ticket of "honor and duty". . to serve this country and try and fix what so many in Washington have broken. Power and money should never be the motive for going to Washington . .this country should be!!
Check him out at

BYU Idaho Presents. .A Night On Broadway

Our Stake hosted the BYU Idaho dancers. .so we took our YW to Coos Bay to watch. .they were pretty amazing! It was a fun evening. .and my pics didnt turn out half bad even.
SWOCC campus. .

Tammy and Kelsie and Pinky
McKenna and Emlee

Alissa and Lynn

Lyn and Pinky
and the whole group.