Friday, December 30, 2011

Really? ? ? ?

We had the first really big storm we've had this month today. . HOLY winds and rain
So this the the parking lot of work. See the red car? thats Jodi's. . the company
truck is usually parked out there by her car. When I left work the tonight
the truck was over by Marji's car. . you never know where Rob will leave
a rig.

See Marji's car and the truck? Remember where the truck was and where I
park my car??? Rob came in the office the next day and asked if I
saw where the truck was...yeah. "I must have forgotten to put it in gear!"
I dont know what was more awesome, the fact that wind had blown it across the parking lot,
or that he just calmly wonders in and makes that REALLY statement!! OMH!!
Good thing there were bumper guards or it would have gone into
the ditch!! Bahahaha. . . .

Christmas Extras. .

I think this is Taylor on the front cover of the Siuslaw News. .
so I wanted to share. If its not, pretend that it is..HA!!

Taylor came over Christmas day around 200, and she opened her gifts that were here.
And we opened the ones that she gave us. .

SIDE NOTE. . my dryer died on Sat. and Steven didnt think it was
fixable, so we got new a new one, and to make the washer feel
nice about itself, we got a new one of those two!
Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Easter and whatever else for a bit..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. . .

Taylor's smashed finger from the Ward Christmas party. . .

Gingerbread cupcakes for the crew at Taco Bell!!

This years Richard Paul Evans book and Taylor came to work with me Friday
afternoon. .

Marji's granddaughter Emma was there too!
Tay got gifts from Jackie

The Kennedys open house..
Tay and Laethyam
with Emily

Having fun with Taylor..

Christmas Eve watching bethanys children open their gifts
from Sue and GM Ida..

Sue's treats. .

Family time!!

Christmas morning. . 6am watching Madi's family open gifts. .
on the video phone!