Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Night Campout/Saturday Service project

We had our annual Ward campout this weekend
and it coinsided with the Stake celebration of Pioneer Day. . . so we camped out on friday night and helped with the service project on Sat. Things we saw on the way. .
This was for Madi! ha
We stopped for lotion and bug dope at Wal Mart and muffins. They didnt have the muffins, so we got juice and milk and forgot the lotion and dope! dang.
So we had to stop and get muffins at Fred's in CB and so we'll get those things then.
We saw this cute little car, headed in, got the muffins, and forgot the lotion anfd dope...AGAIN!
Guess we dont need them.

emergency drills were being practiced just up river from Coquille

sitting up our house at the campground in Lavene Park

swimming hole

Camp fire: Steve, Justin, Brian, Mckenna

Tom and his wife, Christina and Sam, Kathy

Justin, Brayden, Brian and Tammy

Pioneer Cemetary in Coquille
It was like a jungle in spots, but with nearly 100 helpers and a few BIG tools, we made
work of it in only 2.5 hours!!

Things were so grown up, this little maker isnt nearly as big as the bush!

Erin and Brayden and Camdon

Steven and his weed killer


Bill and his hat!

Can u see it getting better already??

Me working!

The Barkley children

I love this photo

Steve with his work wounds!!

Maren and Luell

Having lunch after the work was done at a local park.

Lori Elmer

Melissa and her 6 mo twins

Things we saw on the way home

Port of CoosBay

Clear Lake

Florence from Hwy 101

Home again