Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Ready For A YW Evening

We are having an evening of appreciation for our girls next week, and I found this
box of taffy at the outlet and nearly wet myself I was so excited. Because look at
Seek the sweet, we're having a candy station with value colors and different
sweets. . all this was SO the exact thing to use as an invite!! HA!
It came in three designs, each with different flavors.

This was Sunday, i bought this top when Madi was with us, and it fits now. .
so this pic is for Madi to see. . does it look ok??

Thats all :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Taco Bell - 1962 on Firestone Avenue in Downey, CA
We lived in Downey when I was little, not in '62, but still, as much
time as I spend in taco Bell now, I could have some roots there!!
hehehe... how fun is that!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch With Taylor and BYU Loses. .

BYU played Florida in the first game of the Sweet Sixteen on Thursday
night and we went into overtime, just like last year! Only, this year, they lost.
It was pretty sad, Jimmer had a bad night, only 32 points. . ha!! But the boys
just couldnt connect the points that they needed, and Florida was moving on, and
we weren't. DANG. .
Saturday afternoon, Stevena and I took Taylor to McD's and met Sue and GM Ida.
We haven't seen Tay for a bit,and it was a fun meeting.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunburst Clock. . Do You Like It??

Is it ok, or just over done??

Family Party For Steve Latham. . Turning 60!!

Can you say YUM??
Can you say dork?? hehe

We found this great book for Steve at Dessert Book on Sat
. . The Patriots Almanac
he was pretty excited about it!
My Steve had already left for a HP meeting in Coos Bay.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


What a great way to end a great day!! BYU winning their game
to move into the . .SWEET 16

A REALLY Long Saturday. .

We went to the temple today. .we had to be there for the 700AM session. . so e had to get up at
300AM and leave the house at 330AM to make it there on time. AHHHHH
One of Stevens HT couples were having their son sealed to them at 900 and they were doing a session first.
OMH. . we made it in record time and had spare minutes to get ready. .

oh and did I mention that the 700AM session was a TONGAN one!!! In their
native language. . wow!! How cool! So you could either read subtitles or use a hearing divice. .
it was pretty cool.

Lunch at Chilis in Eugene. .
then home to watch BYU basketball. .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Weekend And More

Sunday afternoon, GM Ida came over for lunch and some cookies,
and to hem my new temple dress. .e are going to the temple on
Sat and it was a way bit too long!

So we dodged the tsunami on Frday but I swear that all that water that should have come ashore
circled around somehow and came DOWN form the skies!! MERCY. . we had more
rain, faster and harder than in a long time. . this is the parking lot at work,
it was amazing to watch. . ha!

Jump ahead to Thurs. the 17th, St Patrick Day and we made
reubens form corn beef that we cooked up the night before. . .YUM!!

Another craft to be finished. .

in my craft room. .

and then tonight some JIMMER time. . BYU won and play again on Sat.