Thursday, November 22, 2012

All Before Thanksgiving..

                                                  Nick's birthday and my new fun pants!

                                                       Medford Temple trip with youth

                                    Steven, Blane and Derrick and Danielle and Pinky and Lyn

                           My new dress and my new sweater and turkeys for the Taco Bell staff

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Busy Week!!

                          Pumpkin carving, late pics sorry, this did happen before Halloween. . hehe

                  SHS choir concert, we had four youth involved. . Here are Danielle and Preston

                                                       We also had Brandi and Sheylynn

                                                       Preston and Jess, the Wade family
 Taylor's birthday weekend. . Sat. morning and we had flag waving, then McD's for lunch. . I had leadership in Coos Bay, so tay and papa went to see Wrecker Ralph. . then we had dinner when I got home at Abbey's with Sue and Steve and GM Ida. . love their salad bar! YUM

 Sunday and a trip to CB again to Stake Conference..Tay's new dress for church. . good trip, GM Ida came with..we had cheese and crackers on ride home. . hehe

 Family birthday party that with GM Ida and her dad and Pinky, and the Elders...

 Chocolate cake with strawberry filling, melted chocolate frosting and cool whip cake. . .topped with cookie suckers!