Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Madi Is Internet Free. . How Totally SAD..

Jordan Commons. . 15,000 folks Wow

While waiting in Utah to get moved to Texas,
they have no internet, unless they go to the library. .
these are two of the phone pics that she has sent me, so I'm sharing with you.
She went to Twilight last night, it was a party with friends premiere. . she texted me while waiting, and was having a great time. I'm pretty jealous, cuz I never even got to go to the plain showing here! Ha.. below are Madi and Lily watching a car race. . she said it was really hot and Lily wasnt liking it too much. Poor little thing is from Oregon after all!! HA

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend

Madi and I took the girls to the Sportsman to get papa Steve a hat. . they loved the teddy bear and the bikes and the whole store. .

later we had cookies at McD's

Steven and his Fox hat. .

Lily helping Madi clean the car

GM Ida with the girls

Terry and the girls

the girls. .

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lily's Parting Thoughts

poor little thing just didnt feel well all day, and something had to give, and give it did!!
All over eveywhere and both of us. . All Madi and I could do was laugh and grab the camera!!

Ella couldnt believe that we had made such a mess! ha


Bye Grandma....

They are gone, my babies have left. It's going to be way too quite and way too calm for me now. Not sure what to do to fill the void. . I have lots I can do. . but I will sorely miss loving on those little misses. I will post some pics tonight, because I will be able to get on the computer without helpers. . but I will miss that help. . :) so come back later to see the last week of photos. . including the gift that Lily gave me last night!! Bah!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


We took pics at the beach one night this week...
it was windy, but the photos turned out great, so who knew!

Ella graduated on Thursday night, Madi put some of the pics we took on her blog and Facebook page. .some of these are the same

. Work is steady,lunches with madi and the girls whenever we can. . we're working out every night on the Elliptical..sitting in the sun when it shines. . Madi is reading a lot. . I got my copy of Glenn Beck's The Overton Window today, can't wait to start reading it!

We went to CB to hang tonight. . took Steven out to Sizzler's for his Fathers Day yehaw. . and a trip to WalMart. .his night was complete. . Bahhahahah. . oh well, we had fun anyway. Tomorrow we have an open schedule as its Madi's last Sat here. . so sad.

And then we have Lily eating ice cream after graduation last night. .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Odds And Ends

Madison and her new sweatshirt. . nice Madi!! We don't like Oregon all that much!! It was a bag day find, I believe.

Ella above
Taylor and lily in their jammies. .