Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Womens Day Temple Trip. . With Steven!

Reedsport bridge

The elk herd

The Umpqua River

The mountains on the way to Medford

Mt. ?? in the background. . . looks like Japans famous mountain! ha. . Wrong turn at Grants Pass!!! HA Central Point coming up..

Great bridge

Medford temple

Steven and I. . Steve has offered to go to the last 3 or 4 Stake Womens Day trips to help out( you always need men to be there) and usually we take others with us, this time just the two of us went! We listened to a great book on cd called Children Of Promise. . .

And lunch!! HA

Friday, February 27, 2009

Austin Turns One

Austin and his dad
Tay and Austin


Mom and dad and Taylor and Austin and presents!!

"For me!! Wow, you shouldnt have!!"

"Oh, mom this is good!"

"I know, its on my face huh??"

Look What I Found At The Dollar Tree! !

I had gone to the Dollar Tree to get a few things, and I found Taylor in the toy isle. . go figure!! We had a birthday party to go to for Austin, so her mom said I could have her. . so we went to see the end of the tree job Steve was doing, and then we waited while he cleaned up and then went to the A&W for dinner, Taylor said it was papa's choice!!
We all worked with the BIG crayons!

Did you know that the Merriott's ( of Merriott Hotel) first owned an A&W to start his first millions . . and went from there to become the business man he is today!!

Tay and me

Papa and Tay

An Eagle Project

One of the scouts from the troup needed help with his Eagle project and asked Steve to help out.
This is the island up on 101

John and his dad and Steve

Logger Steve. . .AKA Scuba Steve! ha

Getting it going. . .

making progress

Lac showed up to help haul away the mess Steve made. John's dad said it was a good thing there was only one cutter, cuz he sure made a mess in a hurry!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Routine Of Champions!!

Rush starts the day at 9:00

Lars at 12:00

Glenn is on at 2:00 so I miss his show. . I do catch his radio cast. . 3:00



and Bill( here with Dennis Miller)

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Funny One Liner

So Steven took me to DQ for dinner tonight for FHE. . (well it works) and we were waiting for our number to be called. They called 124 and I didnt know our number without looking, so Steve went up to see and it wasnt our. We were 128. . so we told the table next to ours that it was their order. . they were busy chatting and didnt hear them call their number. A few minutes later, the pretty little blond at the counter calls out 12B. . and the older gal behind the counter cracks up and Steven heads up there hearing 12B please, and he starts laughing. . it was really funny. . . she's like, it looks like a B. I wonder if any of the other numbers look like letters to her too??? My laugh for the evening! HA

Visit Teaching, Lunch And A Nasty Cut


Maren and Maryann, my VTers.

Maren was pushing the garbage down into the can, and her thumb was sliced open on a soup can lid! AHHHHHHH Five stetches. .

I'll have fries with that, thank you!

A New Dining Set

Do you like it?!
Steven is doing the "some assembly required" haha. . two chairs down and two to go! Thanks there Mister!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New Look

I got a new dining set today!! I've had the same table for 35 years!! And the same chairs. . I guess its time ( they were NEVER going to fall apart. . so I guess its ok to replace them)
I'll take pics when we get it put together! HA

Taylor's Spending The Night

Ready for bed. .
All I want for Christmas. . .