Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Have Lots Of Photos To Post. .

But so little time to do it!! These are uploaded from Madi's Facebook, she and the
girls leave Friday, (sniff, sniff) so most likely Sat. I can find some time.
Lily and Ella both got hair trims from my gal, Jessica. They were so good, and Jess thought
they were amazing! They were exhausted. . too tired to complain! HA!
Christmas Day. .

Ward Christmas party with Taylor too!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To You And Yours

“Your future is as bright as your faith.”

During this time of year, my thoughts and wishes for you and your family are to have the most wonderful Christmas ever. To enjoy the sights and sounds of the season and to eat chocolate and make homemade cookies. To send Christmas cards and wrap gifts and sing carols, to sit on Santa’s lap and go on a sleigh ride. To put up and decorate your tree, to string popcorn and make paper chains, to hold a child and experience his joy as he looks outside and sees the snow. To find that special something for that special someone and get to shop till you drop! To share the magic of Christmas and to know it’s about love and that source of love in our lives. May you always remember how important you are to others, and that your happiness is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He Survived

As you may know by now, the Provo Tabernacle was destroyed by fire this weekend.
These photos were in an article today and I thought they was pretty
Merry Christmas and remember why we love the season.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Few Good Times. .

me at work. .
and Sue's jewelry that she is selling again this weekend. .

Pinky went shopping already. .
and this print in Red Robin was too cute not to snap. .
Team Work. . ha!!

us having dinner in Eugene while Christmas shopping. .

Wed. night was a service evening. . the guys delivered furniture from the Bishops
storehouse. . Steven and Steve Latham went. .
and this is Brother Warner.

the guys and their trailers. .

and the YW/YM went caroling to the retirement homes. .
Shorewood and Spruce Point and the Regency. .the residents LOVED in
and the youth had a grand time

Janessa saw this hanging and said. . "wow they did a pic of me
when I was little, how nice of them!" too funny. .

Our YW Presidency. . Lyn, Pinky and Kami. . it was Pinkys BD today,
we sang to her and we had lunch together and she got gifts and cupcakes
and it was a lovely day, she said!!

Madi Turns 25. . In October. .

I was reading Bethany's BD post, and looked back to see what I had written about Madi on her birthday, and "oh No" no post. . nothing. I can't believe I didnt even put a pic up there. I'm so sorry Madison. So you get yours now. . I can't quite get around the fact that our baby is 25! OMGosh. .That means that I'm getting old. We had been members of the church for just a few months, when we found out that we were pregnant. . and what a grand surprise!! Would we get another girl, or another boy? I knew what this baby would look like, cuz Beth and Terry were pretty much carbon copies as infants. So as we prepared for her day. . my new friend Kathy Hankins helped me get ready. The day of the delivery. . Oct 7, 1985. .we were in the hospital and I had forgotten how much it HURT to have a baby!! Ha! So they said to move about and it would progress faster, but moving about was more painful. . so I just took it easier and stayed put! Ha!! The same Dr. that delivered Bethany was there to deliver Madi. . he almost missed the whole thing. . cuz once she was ready, she was READY. . and the nurses did most of the work. More back labor. . Steven was there again. . side note( in 1985 AIDS was the hot new topic that people didnt want to know about. . but Kathy and I made a deal that if I needed blood, she would give me hers, so that I would know it was safe...true friend, huh) As Madi was being born, Steven says that she has blond hair. . WHAT???? Where did that come from. . and later we see blue/green eyes. . WHAT?? Oh my. . how was that? We were so excited to see a different version of our selves, it was really awesome! ( Steven and I were both blonds as toddlers, and Steve has blue eyes) Madison Leigh Winona. . Madison after the mermaid in Splash. so I could have a Madi, Leigh after Steven's middle name Lee. . GM Ida wasnt thrilled with our name choice. . when she heard it, she wanted to know if Madison was her first name, was Square Garden her middle name??? Silly lady. . NO!!! What a joy and an adventure Madi has been in our family. .we have been best friends for a long time, and I find it hard to fathom that she is a mom of two little girls of her own. Happy Birthday Missy!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Bethany

Holy cow, Bethany turns 35 today. . seems so bizarre, the way time moves. I can still remember so vividly sitting in my living room on the floor building a paper nativity scene, and thinking, Oh crap, I just wet myself!! First babies are always so much more of an adventure, cuz everything is a new!!! I ran to the bathroom and called for Steven to come and help(not sure what he was going to do, ha!) and told him my water had broke. He wonders into the bathroom with a MOP!! We laughed about that for a bit!! HA! We called the doctor and we went in and then we went home and waited for more progress...I was SO SURE that I would sleep thru the whole thing, that I couldn't rest. So we went back to the hospital and they let us stay. ALL night. . and she never arrived till afternoon the next day.GM Ida was there and Aunt Sue was there, Sue and my Steve went to get food and about missed the whole thing! HA. . But she eventually got there, I can honestly say I dont remember much about the delivery, but I think it was back labor and not pleasant.. .but when we finally had our baby girl..YEAH. . I really wanted a girl. .(no ultra sounds in those days) and it was all worth it. Bethany Lyn Winona, named after my friend Brenda's college in California, Bethany Bible college!! Who knew that the name Bethany would hold so much meaning in our lives to come. What a blessing Bethany has been in our lives, and we love her like a daughter. . heheh had to put that in there. . .sorry. . hehehe. . . Happy Birthday Bethany. . !!! stats 3:03pm, 7lbs, 81/2 oz. 201/2 inches delivered by Dr Ulman in Florence Oregon Dec. 12,1975

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday In December

We had an ACN business training in the morning at our house,
then we had Taylor for most of the day, so we got our Christmas tree,
here's Tay and her friend, Cassandra ( We had a lengthy conversation
on how to not pronounce her name, its NOT Cassondra. .thats a foreign
way to say it!)

This place will deliver if needed, and they will PICK up after the fact,
I'm so pleased about that! And Doug Firs are only 15.00!!
No more tree in the back yard till we can get
a trip to where ever to dump it!
Next, it was on to the Creche Festival. . 5th Annual this year. . the little
girls loved it!!

Luell was playing with this group so we went to support her. . they were pretty good!
The girls liked this one too.

This one was Ann L's surprise birthday gift from her family. . Brian got it, set it up, and then
waited for Ann to notice it!! What a grand gesture. . it is an amazing creche. . they are
from the Krinkle series. . LOVE them!
This was Taylor eating cookies and coloring a picture of Joseph and Mary
with the baby Jesus. .

Loved this wall hanging and below is my nativity.

Luell and her group. .

Cookies and favorites. .

Then it was off to see Wren to exchange a candle. . the girls LOVED her shop, they
made me very nervous while we were in there. . but they never broke anything,
so it was all good! ha!

Then it was up to McD's to kill and hour before the movie started. .
we was Tangled. . GREAT FLICK. . Mandy Moore has such a beautiful voice.
and it was funny and we had a good time.

Good day, great company, wonderful things to do. .
another successful Saturday.