Sunday, September 26, 2010

Portland Temple Trip

Steven and I made a trip to the temple and had a grand time.
We also went to the book store/garment store
and Applebee's for lunch, a stop at Pennys and Walmart. . and Big Lots, Steve LOVES Big Lots!

I love that theres a flag here!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Involved Policitally And Socially

Putting out Jay Bozievich signs ,,,

and then having afun dinner at DQ! Deb and jack are in town for a few days,
so we grab them and headed out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Party For Steven

After the blood donation,
we had the family birthday party, and here was the guest list. .
Pinky and Steve, Sue and Steve, Lyn and Steve. . Toni and Harry,
Tammy, Nick and Alex
Bill and Luell and GM Ida
Tay was supposed to get dropped off, but she never made it!! dang. .

Steven with his new mp3 player, Pinky looks great, doesnt she??
And GM snuck away to watch Jeopardy. .made me laugh. .
she wasn't going to miss it!

Luell's getting thin too!

And Steve's still just weird!! hahahaha

Bloodmobile In The Church's Parking Lot

This is what we saw as we turned the corner by the church. . a new roof going on!!

And of course, this too!!
I hate ot give blood. .not because i don't like to be charitable,
but I HATE needles and blood!! ha

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Medford Temple Youth Trip

Zach, Derrick, Justin, Steven, Preston,Scott, James, James, Kelsey
Lyn, Rhian,Mykela, Pinky, Emily, Janessa, Rachel


There is a traveling Messiah's Temple display in Florence for the week and Steven and I dropped in on it last night. . very interesting. . especially what Aaron's hat said. . .HOLINESS TO THE LORD. . neat, eh???

Melissa Peck for those of us who know her. . . sad, but fun.
And Steven in his BD shirt from the McShinskys. . whoot whoot. . its tomorrow!!