Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whats Going On. .

This is how you move things from upstairs without having to carry it all downstairs!! Ha, we are consolidating at work, so editorial is moving downstairs with reception/circulation. So this is Alicia and Jay
getting it all figured out. . and NO, I din't walk uner the raised pallet!!

And this is Craig Tanner...AKA Elder Tanner from a year ago in the mission field. He was in town and wanted to get together with folks to see and say Hi ! We went to dinner and chatted. . it was fun to see Elder Tanner again.

Taylor came over after that night and we went Grocery Outlet shopping while papa was at his meeting.
Then she and we watched Glee and then she went home. .

Working on the family needed a face lift. . so primer and a new surface on the ceiling were in order.
Nice mess, eh????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madi Has A New Home.

These are just a couple of pics that Madi has sent
me on the phone, and I thought you would like to see them too!!
She is still moving things around, these shelves have been on more than just this wall. ..
so I'll keep you posted as to the end results.

Ella went shopping with dad and fell asleep in the cart.

New curtains and rug and Joe eating. .

The kitchen under construction!!

And there's my Lily. . where is your shirt child??


I headed to the Po /bank after work as usual, and was listening to Glenn Beck, so it took me a minute ( or FIVE) to notice that traffic wasn't moving very fast. . ummm, or NOT AT ALL! HA..they are working on the bridge, and it was shut down for 25 minutes I heard! You've got to be kidding!!! Traffic could be backed up to Sea Lion Caves in that much time!! Holy Cow. . Steven was on the south side and was stopped out be Woahink Lodges. .it was nuts!! But kinda cool too! So I made a quick dip into the Shell station and headed down the back street to the PO and then made my way back to 101 on 9th. . traffic was running fine going East and West. . so it was Eugene or the beach!. .

This log truck was trying to get out of the mess and missed
a gear going into 7-11 and nearly caused another mess!

Traffic coming from Eugene was all messed up too, cuz they had NO where to go!!

To celebrate the road mess, we went to KFC for dinner!!
and to see their newly remodeled dining room.
It's really nice inside., and clean!! Loved the stools. .and
the color schemes.

Kasey went with Steven and I, Terry chose to stay home. .
mmm. . I love their twister with grilled chicken. . and SODA!!!
(Yes, we took him food)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jerilyn and Kyle's Wedding Day

Aunt Joyce was the first someone we saw that we knew! ha. . The we saw Sheryl
and that's Katie in the pink dress below. The tall fella is the groom.

These two we knew also. .

and this one. . Shalon, Tom and Devin ( Jim and Michelle's son)

and us we knew!! hahaha

Tons of folks we didn't know!!

Program. .kinda cute Jerilyn's name off huh?

Here comes the bride with her dad. .

and here goes the bride with her groom!

Table decorations and pranksters!

and here with one of her bridesmaids

talking with the guests. . Steven decided to have
his picture taken with the bride. . and after she wanted to know who he was!! HA..
she thought he was Shalon's dad. . Joyce tells her, no this is your mom's cousin in law!
We all had a good chuckle over that one!

Father/daughter dance. .
and first dance for Jerilyn and Kyle as husband and wife.

Cutting the cake and we were out of there!! Thanks Sheryl Lynn, it was a great wedding!