Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving. .

GM Libby made this for Ella
Nice hair there Missy!!

Turkey talk from the girls!

The McShinsky Girls Meet Santa. .

Ella was pretty excited to see Santa, he was going to give her a candy cane even. . but you know the old story. . little girl. . big hairy guy in a red suit. . not happening!! HA, Joe got her to stand in the sleigh and hold on to the front of it and Lily sat on Santa's lap and loved it!
Lily and mom

The girls with mom and dad

Ella and her dad. .

The McShinskys. . .2009

Dinner At Chili's

Steven got ribs for his meal tonight, and Lily got the bones. . she loved them!! HA
Ella had a burger and fries!! MMM

We all shared a dessert. . and Ella really enjoyed that part!

I guess papa did too!


Utah. . .Gotta Love It!!

Ella and Lily moments. .

Monday, November 23, 2009

Taylor And GM Mavis's Dolls

Taylor just loves these dolls, and was even more intrigued this time.
The Irish girls were her favorite ones. ..

but she liked the princess looking ones too

and the frogs. . can't forget mavis and her frogs!

Over The River And Thru The Woods..

After church, we headed off to see Mavis. . Taylor and GM Ida came with us. She lives in Sweet Home, about two hours away. . even with the short cut. . (Tay loved that we took a short cut!) We brought our lunches and ate along the way. . looked for rainbows. . and saw quite a few actually. . talked about whats at the end of the rainbow. . sang ABC songs, and Christmas carols and talked and told jokes and just had a wonderful time.

Lunch. . mmmmm

Rainbows. .

Tree farms. .

Did u know that little trees and new
trees put off more oxygen then large OLD growth??
Now you do!!


Halsey's old grainery

Welcome to Whiley Creek Care Center

Taylor and Mavis's biggest frog. .

Me and my mom. .

Papa and Tay

Steven and I and our moms

Mavis and Tay, she was so pleased to see us all,
especially Taylor, that she just cried.

Tay with the old people

Ha, again

Steven and his mom