Saturday, October 31, 2009

El Paso And Phoenix: Another Perspective

Leaving El Paso, this is the entrance to the airport. . Aerial leaving and passing over Fort Bliss

Franklin Mts.

You can see both sides of El Paso as its split by the mountains. .

Phoenix Airport

I love that all the planes are right there. . and so many of them, coming and going..

Southwest is one hopping place. .

We "parked" so close that we could se people in the concourse and the parking lots! ha

Cake Balls/Pops

Its a good thing that they look so nice, cuz they werent that much fun to make. . they were messy and time consuming. . .but everyone whos tried them, has like them. Tonight we went to KFC and treated the crew there, and they were pleased with the attention and the balls. We had shared with the Bell crew and the girls at the bank too. . . it's so much fun to treat, it always surprises people. . and really makes them smile!!

Chocolate/fudge truffle balls

Taylor Sings A Halloween Song. . .

She was singing about halloween, but its hard to hear the words. .. :)

Trick Or Treat. . Or Just Timber???

Steve and Terry had another tree job to do. . Terry is pretty willing when there is a paycheck attached. . he worked hard and was charming to Mrs. Payne and her neighbor. .
Steven up a tree. . hahaha

Terry running the saw, limbing while Steve takes a break in the tree!

These TURKEYS were in the road when GM Ida and I went for Gaterade !!

2/3 of the tree was done when we got back, like twenty minutes away!

Clean up, two trips to the dump!

At the dump. .

Harvest Party 2009

Taylor playing "Lift your Spirits"

Caleb and his mom

Tay and Camp

Erin and Justin. . homesteaders. .

Brian and McKenna. . roaring 20's

GM Ida and Austin

My cake balls. . .

Sue and Austin

One of the Clemet girls. . Ivy maybe

Kim in her tv "snuggle blanket" hahaha

Kalista's baby monkey

Jim reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Austin and Chrissy and Sue

Steven and I went this Halloween as radio stations!! I was 1120 and he was 1140,
hahahaha, conservative talk show radio stations to be exact!! hahahaha. . .it was
fun and just having the number showing, people had to ask. . and they liked it!!