Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ward Halloween Party And Pumpkins!!

Volleyball And Taco Bell, Monkey and Football,Sleepovers And New jammies

           Boys and Girls volleyball, games on Tuesday night, practice most nights except Fri. Mercy

 Terry gave Tay some cash and it was burning a hole in her pocket, so a money was the answer I guess.

                               They said LG and I told her I was sure they would fit! BAHHHH

The Eyes Have It

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

West Coast Game Park

                                  Sheep, goats, deer, all waiting for Taylor to feed them.

 A Lynx like cat, a fox and a beat were some of the babies she got to pet. Steven's phone has a baby tiger too. . I need to have him send it to me.

Temples And Family Times

                                                           Medford Temple with Steven

                                                                 Steve's birthday pic.
                                          Karen and pinky and I in Portland at the temple..

                                                           Tay with her Duck D shirt!