Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Eagle Court Of Honor

An Eagle Court of Honor for Nic Barkley and Jacob Mitchell

in the foyer getting ready

Clay poses for me, he was part of the color guard


Jake and Deena

Veterans of Foreign Wars representives

Nic and Christina and James ( and Justin)

One crazy loon! Chet

Avery poses, thats Derrick in the background

This fella was a troop leader for 23 years

Jake and Nic

Deena and Jim with Jacob

and Steven and I

Taylor June 2009

There She Blows! ! !

On my way home, I see this tent unit in th road, and I have to laugh!!
The winds here lately have been cartoon
strong. . lifting house off their foundations!! HA. . and here ya go!!
Two old ladies and a fella finally got it under control. .
their cooler with sodas in it, didnt fair so well. they were all over the road!!

Putting it away. . .

all better.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Highlights

We finally got our flag hung out!!
Everyone needs to fly our flag, let folks know that we love our country and are proud to be Americans

We found a great palm plant at a garage sale. . looks ok eh?
(the beds a little wrinkled. . sorry! look at the plant, not the spread!!)

We thought about getting some fresh halibut, but it was still a little pricey. .
80.00 for a 13 lb. fish! Mercy. . .so we just chatted up the skipper and went home fishless!

That one could be a 100.00 one there!

We had to save the cherries this morning from the crows, so we had Taylor come over and help eat some. .

Taylor trying her hand at saving cherries!! ha

and no visit to GM's is complete without a trip to playland!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Bumper Crop

Cherries are on!! We NEVER get many, but this year they are on and red and quite a few!!

Mercy My, Where Am I??

Where the heck are we Steven??

Southern Calif.??

No, its in the hills over looking Munsel Lake road and North Fork

Thats the ocean in the distance

How cool are these house??