Saturday, February 27, 2010

Women's Stake Temple Day 2010

Luell and Pinky and I after our time in the temple. .
We rode down together, and chatted the whole way there. . then chatted the whole way home. It's always amazing how three woman can never run out of things to talk about. . the gospel, books, families, politics, diets and food were a highlight today. . ....friends are the best.

Medford Temple

Lunch And A Puppy

Lunch at Subway with Madi and the babies. .
and Luell and the puppy and Pinky and me!
Ella and Penny having a look see. .

Luell and Ella having a look see. . ha!

Pinky and Penny

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dads Office

Here are a few pictures Dad took at work the other day..

This is a cave in the side of the hill, it goes in about 10feet

This is the side of the hill that is ready to be logged

This is another cave..

This is inside the cave..two little black things..?

A closer look..BATS! Ick!

More of the hill that still needs logged

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Politics As usual. . . .running for Congress!! She lives in Roseburg. .

Wow what a fireball this lady is!! I was really impressed with her presentation tonight..
she is putting honesty back on the ballet. Not a politician, but a representative. . running for State Rep.
He lives in North Bend and was pretty
good too.

Jay. . FL BO team..Pinky and I and Sue are part of the team getting Jay out there
for the state to meet him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now And Then

Taylor was over for Saturday evening, and then going home for the night. Her mom was pretty late in coming to get her, she was way tired, and so tears were shed. After she talked to her mom on the phone, she was a little better, but Ella was going to make it all better for her with smiles and giggles.

The smiles begin. .

silliness ensues. .

and the tears are forgotten.

Lily joins in the fun. . not sure why the big girls are being so silly.

Sunday morning, Valentine's Day 2010
Papa and his girls

Gayle and Dano ( from my work) got a new puppy,
Samantha Jane, and I knew that Ella would want to see her.

Ella with her new puppy. . poor thing just gets a pic of a puppy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Super Saturday.,A Dog's Viewpoint, And More Babies

Babies come first.. . this was a few weeks ago after church. . this was the dress that one of Bethany's friends gave us for Ella. .and this is Lily's favorite place to stand.


McD's pics

This is the bosses dog, Nicko. . he's at work all the time. Ella came by to say HI and offered him a bite of her apple. .

and he took her up on the offer!! HA...She wasn't sure what she thought about it, but Nicko was happy.


making tote bags. . I even made one. .its the farm scene one

Emily with Ella and Duncan

Scrapbook booklets that we made. . and the totes. . pretty cool, eh?

Madi and Maren. .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Then And Now And In Between

LILY. . and Lily and Ella on a walk today. . .

Ella with her new braclets

McD's time with Taylor

Last sunday at church

"Three little monkeys jumping on the bed"

Madi and Lily
Luell and Lyn and Lainy. . after Curt Suckow's memorial we met and hung out at playland for a few hours and caught up on stuff. . . .

Lily at my BD party. .