Sunday, November 28, 2010

The End Of Novermber

Taylor in the snow

me at work and Steven on Thanksgiving

GM Ida and us on turkey day. .GM Ida's eyes after
surgery again. .

The santa family at the movies and us on
Sunday afternoon!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks-giving!

I had my thanksgiving moment yesterday at work, when i answered a call, Lois from Colorado.Lois is 85 but sounded much younger, she had a sense of humor. She said how much she loved getting the calendar because it was their social schedule planner..then she proceeded to tell me that their social life were all the doctor appts. they had. . she chuckled at that. She was renewing her gift subscriptions for her husband and some of her children. We chatted about the magazine and her family for a bit, she was getting both Oregon Coast and Northwest Travel for her husband, because he loves them. I could hear him in the background asking her to ask me if we had a dirt bike one for their grandson. She giggled and asked me and told me that this grandson was into dirt bikes now, and that they had been giving him a subscription to Ranger Rick for years, and that it might be time to upgrade. I told her I had some Off Road issues at my house that he might enjoy and she thought that might be a good one. She ordered mags for a couple of children, and said that the one who lived in Oregon didn't need one, that she saw it already. She talked about her growing up in Hawaii and that she had family there, and how they all came to Colorado to vacation and to snowboard. She talked about how they were entrusted with her grandchildren every summer to have them with her to "raise" and take on adventures and how it has blessed her life. I told her that she was a blessing to her family, what a wonderful way for children to spend summers, and that she was amazing..She told me that she had raised her children to respect life,and honor each other and God, and that she was hoping that her legacy would be something that they would value. She made us both cry. .we finished up the order and I told her to feel free to call and chat anytime and she thanked me and said love you and goodbye. I smiled all morning as I thought about Lois, and that Heavenly Father's children are good people,and when they realize it, and live like they believe, they are amazing! Have a grand turkey day and remember to be truly thankful for all that you have. .I know that I am.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here's Looking At You Kid!!

I love our new video phone!! It's totally fun to see who you are talking to
. .even if at this time its just Pinky and Luell and Lisa that I can see. .(5 million have it,
I just dont know them!! heheh)
Hopefully in the near future, more will have it and we can chat
with them too!
It's like that song, "he's a pepper, she's a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?"

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. .

We got snow. . .we knew that Portland was getting it, and that Eugene was
pretty much in the running, but we never expected it here! And every time
we do get it, its such an amazing time!! Cold and beautiful. . and everyone
is so excited by its mere presence. Snow.
We wont be going to Utah again for sometime, since Madi is in Texas, and I
will truly miss winter there. .so this snow was for me! I hope that you
all enjoyed it too!

Ella loves her name written in the sand, so I took a minute to
play in the snow for her. .

Monday, November 22, 2010

This And That.. Mostly Pie Cupcakes

Are these NOT the cutest "pies" ever??? OMH. . I made them for the Bell workers, who
treat us so nicely everyday. . well, everyday that we eat there. . and its a thanksgiving
Thank You. . They are cupcakes with filling on top, and frosting "pie crust"
on top!!! or cherry?? Both you say!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

YW Evening Of Excellence 2010

2010 theme "Be strong and of good courage"
We had our E of E tonight, and we sang and read the Parable of the Princess
and sang some more and ate beautiful cupcakes. . and had a wonderful time.

Florence Ward YW Pres. .Cami, Tammy, Lyn and Pinky
Kennedy, Cami, Emily and Rian

Janessa nad Mykela
Danielle, Laren and Rachel

Katelyn and her mom, Christina

Elisa, Danielle, Rachel, Jasimine, Laren, Kennedy,
Mykela,Rian,Janessa, Kelsey, Emily and Katelyn

Pinky and me!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

TOFW Update. . We Made The Movies!!

Here's a little taste of our TOFW weekend, that I just saw!!

Just paste this in your address box. . couldnt make the link work. . go see us!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Activities

Family party. .we had Taylor for a bit, and it was Nick's 15th birthday.

Taylor and Alex

We attended another Regional meeing of ACN in Salem. .here's Pinky and Steve
and Steven and I

Luell and Lisa and below is Martha Hunn. . this lady is making BIG BIG bucks!!! She;s from Idaho
and is a member of the church.

Leslie Borsma is a Regional Vice Pres. from Bonanza Oregon and is also in the big money!
Here's Steven and I after church today, we both talked this morning. . on freedom and choices. .
then went to see Mavis in the hospital in Corvallis. .
we need a pic for our web you like this one??