Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas in Texas Part 3

Things Waiting To Post. .

 My new dress from Fred Meyers. . 17.48!! And my thrift store sweater from Texas. . and Taylor LOVES her Texas tshirt!  Dinner out with Sue and Steve and Harry's group. . but just a pic of us!! hehe  And Nola is our new mayor!!! Congrats. . .

Jacob and Lizzy Mitchell Reception

 Mr and Mrs Mitchell, the "catering crew", Preston and Jess, Deanna, and pics of our handiwork!!

McKennas Bridal Shower

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas In Texas Part 2

 Day after Christmas, and Ella was in the hospital with Joe. . so we had a day at home. . .Lily and I made food art!!

 The Uncles came over and they helped Joe get his engine onto the new red thing he got for Christmas. .

 Building Christmas trees from sugar cones, to pinewood derby races. .to outdoor time, good times were shared by all.

 Thrift store shopping was HUGE this trip. . this one is Madi's favorite one! Ella and were here too, but we spend mmost of our time in the bathroom..Poor Ella has food poisoning and was pretty sick all of the visit. This day she felt a bit better. . Then we took a trip to Round Rock for a visit to the donut shop featured on Man VS Food on the Food Network. . and a trip to the Chisholm Trail. . it was SOOO COLD!!!

 The after ANOTHER thrift store visit in Round Rock, we went to ChuckE Cheese cuz Ella's tummy wanted cheese pizza. . and we don't have to try and keep Jack quiet!! HA!

 Saturday morning, we went to the church, met the Bishop and had jack's blessing! It was awesome to have so much family there. . thanks Madi and Joe for letting us be there. .