Sunday, June 19, 2011

YW/YM Service And Temple Trip Photos

We did service last Wed, night with the youth..we had three families and
we split up accordingly. These are the youth that we had. .
we mowed and weed eated and weeded and swept and picked up and
hauled off and had a great time!!

And then on Sat we had a youth temple trip in Medford. We left the chapel at 8am
and had Sonic burgers in the gazebo area before we started our time in the
temple. Yum, , this is Steven driving Pinkys burb. and part of the Priesthood
for the day.

Pinky and I with Jewel Rodet waiting for lunch to arrive..

An after we were done pic. . Scott, Royce, Jewel, Pinky, Mykalya,
Lyn and Steve, Preston, Derek and Zach.

Pinky and Donna and Lyn. . Donna is our new secretary.. she and her husband
Bill are new converts, and they came to do baptisms too!

YWs men. . Bill and Scott and Dustin

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Weekend. .

Friday night we went to try yet another different place to eat. . this time, 1285 Restobar, on
Bay street. We sat on the patio, under a heater light, cuz it was still cold outside. .
but the food was really good. The service, not so great. They forgot Steven's food and
kinda pretended that the cook didnt see it on the order..ok. . I'll go along
with that, but when we ordered dessert, the forgot his again!!! So he got his free. . jaloto, Italian ice cream.
the rest of us got cake. We had a great time tho, in spite of all that. . we laughed
and just enjoyed each others company and odd senses of humor!!

We meet Sue and Steve and GM for lunch at Taco bell and sat in the sunshine
and it was SO NICE!! Good times. . .
Then in the
afternoon, Steven and I went to see Super 8. . great flick. . totally entertaining!
Well done, super special effects. . the way a movie needs to be made!

These are for Bethany's boys. . Transformer displays!

After the movie, it was time to say Congrats to Katelyn on her graduation. .
it was at Woahink park and we enjoyed visiting and hanging in the sunshine!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time With Taylor

My new shirt and Tay's new shoes..

Spending time with her old toys. .

and on the "park". .

After homework, watching a bit of a movie with papa and then it
was time to take her home.