Monday, April 27, 2009

Visit Teaching With Friends

My VTers Maren and MaryAnn

Madi and Lily
and Tim and Jen and family and Greg, all who were at McD's and we took a minute to chat and share them with you.

Sunday At The Winonas

Before church trying to get Ella to pose with papa and Lily. . it was a no go!

Outisde after church. . with red vine in hand, she consented.

Matching dresses and all.

Taylor came over for the afternoon. . apples and tv for a bit.

Apple smiles

Madi and Lily

Steven just can't resist doing something not quite Sabbath day approved. .

Girls on bikes

Wack A Mole
and a piano concert to round off the day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bath Times

Now you see why Ella needs the bathtub! She's soooo tall!

Lily getting the treatment from her mom.

Proctor Day Again

Steven and I proctored again this weekend, he did Fri/Sat and I did Sat. We had to be in Eugene at 6:15 so it was a LONG day starting even! HA! Erin Felt from the ward rode with us, and Brooke was there again. . so we had an enjoyable day. . just long. We got done at 6:00 and were home by 8:00.
div> We had twelve tables with two people at each and it was a WALK to the back of the rows, this was a new set up and I like the old way better, but I guess they got more bodies in this way.
Lane Events Center in Eugene

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lily's Blessing Day

Madi and Lily after church and before the blessing. It was at Libby's and we were waiting for a member of the Bishopic to get there. .
Papa and Lily

Ella was sick this morning, throwing up like crazy ( we think it was all the dinner at Chili's the night before) so she and dad stayed home from church and she was better by the time the blessing took place.

Joe and Madi and Lily


Dad and Ella

Can u see Ella's puke bowl there??

Getting the men ready to come in the house for the blessing

Joe and Mike and the Brother from the Bishopic just before the blessing. . Steven and Phil and Stan and James all were in the circle too.

Dinner At Chili's

Is it time yet dad???

Love that endless soda!

A small meltdown

MMMM the molten thing! Ella loved getting bites of this, and so did her shirt and my pants!

Trying On A New Outfit

A Shotgun and A Canon!

Joe got a shotgun. . . . and Madi got a Canon! HA
Well, we thought it was funny!

Who knew they came with such fancy cases!

Madi's new camera

Can We Say Playland?????

Steven felt that he needed to show Ella how to do this, so here he is!
She got the hang of it pretty good!

And Steven had a bit of a time getting out!

Artic Circle. . . only in Utah would they have a playland at most of the fast food places, I'm holding out for Taco Bell to get one!

Finishing off papa's cone

Madi and Steve

Ella and GM


Burger King

Steven and Joe

The big tube

Playland mania

The slide

Carl's JR

And its always chicken nuggets!

Bend's McD's

This one was all outdoors and it was 85 on Monday when we stopped!!

Ice cream was a needed thing! ( No, he never shared with Lily, not that he didnt want to!)