Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting My Car Fixed

Who knew that a broken latch was going to be such a big deal! AH!! I called Eugene this morning and Josh said I could get in at 100. That means leaving here at 1130( there is a TON of road construction going on) so I had to get off work early. We made it with a minute to spare, and were given a lift to Valley River. . Mazda has moved their dealership down the road a ways. . about 1/4 a mile from VRC. GM Ida heard FOUR miles and when Josh asked if we needed a lift, she replied" "Im not walking!!" We didnt know till AFTER we were heading back that she had heard wrong! HA. . .so after having lunch and GM buying Sue and I each a new bra, a trip to Gymboree to get Brooke her gift, we started walking. Our transporter called and picked us up over by Pennys tire center. . so it wasnt much of a walk. But it was all good. My car has to spend the night to get the part in the morning to get better. . .so this is the loaner/rental ( its costing me 30.00 to use it!) Its a Mazda3. . .stick...not too shabby to drive. Josh asked me if I could drive a stick, I wonder what he would have said if I had said no..its the only loaner they had at the time.. . .mmmmm?? He said that they couldnt send us home with the door tied shut in good conscience. . . HAHAHAH, we drove that way all the way from Seattle...BUT its raining now, so Im thankful tha he worked this deal out for us. SOOOOO, tomorrow after work, I have to go back to get my car. Another day, another adventure!

GM ready to be home!

Sue and I having way too much fun driving in the rain!! HA, look out!!!!!

Home safe and be continued.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Seattle Visit With Glenn beck

We left home at 5:00am and headed for Seattle to see Glenn Beck
headline for the Freedom Foundation funraiser. What a grand time we had!
I love going to the city, even if its just for a few hours!!
Welcome to Portland!!
I love to drive across the bridges that freeway over the river
and rip off in all directions in downtown Portland!

The bridges that span the Columbia river into Washington

The Tacoma Dome

Six hours later, Seattle, here we come!!

Thats Safeco Field there, the big erector looking thing!

There is it!

Safeco Field, home of the Mariners, and right behind it is the Seahawks Quest field.

Steven and Steve were excited by this car! ha

Home plate entrance. . . and the line begins!

They were hoping for 1800, but had a turnout of 7000!!

Our funny little group! Sue and Steve and Steven and I

There were protesters on the other side of the street, but they were a small group.

Horseback police officers!! Cool

Doors opened at 1200, we could be seated at 1230.
These seats on the field sold for 250.00 each!! That included a book and lunch, ha!!
For 500.00, you got to meet Glenn before and you got lunch and a book!!
For 25.00, you got a seat!! No lunch, no book!! HAHAHAH

The crowds are coming

It was soooo hot, and wewere there for three hours. . .people were getting creative
with ways to block the sunshine.

Fox News!

Theres GLENN!!! In the pink shirt!!

This gentleman gave a dramatic presentation from a soldiers
heart. . it was amazing!!!

Everyone stood the whole time out of respect for him

They had all the veterns stand and it brought tears, and then they had all the active
soldiers stand, and that drew a HUGE ovation!!

Mr/Brother Glenn Beck
Glenn gave one of his usual great talks/speeches/testimonies. . .how ever you look at it.
He shared things about his roots in Washington, about his faith and his convictions.
He talked politics. . surprise there!! He talked about his love of this country and
the Constitution, about the soldiers and what we, as Americans need to do to make this country a better place and to make sure our children have the same dreams to look forward
to as we did.

Glenn is from Mt. Vernon and so Seattle is home, he was RELLY well received,
for his politics, his values, his faith and his Washington roots!!

SeaTac is really close, so there were planes over head all afternoon,
it was pretty cool!

I Cnat Get My Pics To Download

I have all the rest of the photos from the Seattle trip, the BEST ones are unposted. . except the close up one of Glenn, that ones posted. . ha!! But I have tons more from the day and am miffed that I can get this DUMB thing to work...ahhhhhhhh. So I'll try later and see what happens.

Freedom Foundation Presents" Glenn Takes The Field"

After the program, if you prebought Glenn's new book, "Arguing With Idiots", you got to go on the field and into the tunnel to see Glenn and get it autographed!! This is the view from the line as we waited to go onto the field.

On the fileld. . but not on the grass. . the grounds keeper got a little testy if you did!!

That line across the way, those were the 250.00 folks! They got to go in first. . . whatever!

Everyone there were taking their pics with the Safeco clock in the back, I was by myself, so I took Glenn book there instead!
ha, what a dork!

Going into the tunnel to get my book autograhphed.

Glenn Beck Signing books!!
He'a there up past the kid in the flag hat.
We worry sometimes about our future and our youth, but there were a BUNCH
of young people in attendance. . it was a great thing to see.

GLENN BECK ladies and gentlemen!!
Leaving Seattle

Safeco Field

Lunch at Applebee's

We found a DI in Federal Way

When we stopped to eat, Sue's door broke! The latch won't and so the door won't stay closed.
It was funny, but stupid at the same time, dang it!!
Now I have to go to the dealer and try and get it fixed. . .