Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Thanks to all those who have served
this country and to their families
for their sacrifices. . .
America is still a free nation
because of men and women
like the ones who serve and die each

Thanks again. . you will be blessed in Heaven
for all that you did.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The New BED!!! Has Arrived. . Will It Be Wonderful Or Not??

We had to move these plants out of the bedroom to get the room ready forhte new bed. .when ella saw them here, she paused for a moment and then said. . "Mmm, I like this!!"

Sleep Comfort delivery. .

setting up and lunch in the kitchen

the end!

The Rest of Rhody Weekend, Out Of Order!

This was Sat. afternoon, when the sun came out. . you'll see the rest of the story in the next post, these are out of order posts. . Bay Street and Old Town. . . Madi and Cassie took Ella to the carnival while Lily napped, and when she got up, we joined them. We also took Lily on a tour of the bikes!!

She LOVED the noise when the bikes would start up!!

Carnival time and Madi with her Rhody t-shirt.

Papa and the girls taking a spin around the yard. .

Lily had a rough afternoon. . she ran into the door frame and got the first dent in her
poor little head, then later ran into Cassies' car and got this nice goose egg!!

Rhody Weekend 2010

Rhody weekend was a wet one this year, but it didnt slow the festivities down at all.
Madi entered the 5k Rhody Run and finished in 33 and something, besting her own record by 4 minutes. . in the rain with a terrible cold to boot!! The girls and I sat in the car and watched and waited and took pics. . Steven was with us for a bit, then he had to leave to man a missionary booth from 10-12.

Warm ups and the race is getting ready to start. . 9:00am sharp!!

On your make, get set, GO!!!!!

GO MADI!!!!!
Down the hill they go!

Ella and Lily waiting for mom..

The winner, a 13 yr old YM in like 14 minutes. .or 17 minutes. .
it was fast whatever it was!!

I think this was Aaron Mitchells pic and I missed him!! Bahahahah

Jacob Mitchell

Preston Mitchell

Ann Lacatour finished 1st in her age group. .

Madi coming to the finish line, up the hill. . .
looking good girlfriend!!

Frozen and pooped, she was happy with her run!

Cheering on Jim Mitchell, from the 10k. .
Mark Larsen ran this too, and got 3rd in his age group!

Maryann Wherity ran the 10k. .who knew she ran??

Then at 12:00, the Jr. Parade was on, and the rain was still coming down. So we donned umbrellas and the little girls thought it was great!
This is what we saw, so you get to see it too. These are mostly for Becky and Bethany, cause they like to see Florence stuff. . the rest of you can enjoy it too!

Coastal Fitness and the Larsen girls and the Felt girls.

The Kiwanis duck, AKA, my BOSS. . hahahahaha

They have games after the parade sponsored by
the Kiwanis Club. . the girls had fun, I think.

When we were done and leaving, the sun came out! HA, and it stayed out all afternoon!
Go figure!!