Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Week Updates. . Soccer, Princess Day and 40 Years!!

 On our way to Taylors first two soccer games, she won both and we were in the sunshine for 3 hours! Ha! in Florence no less..wonderful.

 Picked taylor up for her service Princess activity before we headed to Portland ..below is Tay and Jade. .it was at Elderberry Square old people home. .

 These pics were of our hotel..The Crowne Plaza..nice and then off to the temple on Sat morning.

 Another amazing sunshine day at the temple. . which is always amazing!! Sister Baber's son Addi is getting ready for his mission, so it was temple day for him.

                            Brian and Royce  and Tammy and pinky and I were in attendance.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Updates On Life

 GM Ida in the hospital for almost two weeks. . looking really good. Company/visitors included Sue's Austin and my Taylor, and Tammy's Alex.

 Taylor was selected to be the 4th grade Rhody princess. . I'm selling buttons for her if anyone is interested!!

                                                       After church last Sunday. .

 Monday night the court met the Mayor and had a photo shoot. Taylor had come into the YW room on Sunday after class and had asked Sis Nola to buy a button. She said sure and proceeded to do so. Then Tay told her that she was meeting the Mayor tomorrow!! Nola said "sweetie, you just did meet her!" HA! It was funny, Tay had no idea. .  .this is Jade, the only Siuslaw princess this year. . (two from Mapleton also)

                                                      Mayor Nola and the 2013 Rhody court, minus one Senior one. .                                                            Friday and getting discharged. .

                                                    Home again home again jig a dee jog