Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steven's Birthday and Taylors' First Football Game

We had dinner at Bliss again, this time for Steve's birthday. We had some fun food..
the guys got burgers, and I had a Caesar salad. . one of the biggest things I've
ever seen!! HA!

Tay's first flag football game was Wed. night. She is the only girl
on any of the teams. . and doesnt seem to notice it!
Ha, she scored a TD even!! We had a great time, then headed to YW after,
and Steve and Tay went to DQ. .

Joe and Aden Smith, and Steve with his nifty hat!!

Tay with the Zalmann children. . and the blond kid is Carsen, Tay's buddy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday And Sunday. . .

Lunch with Pinky and her grandchildren at McD's with Taylor and her friend
Cassandra. . Sue and Austin, Tammy and her kids. .WILD time!

Tay and Laethym

Nick and Alex
Steven made jalapeno poppers for dinner and
they were pretty good. . those who ate them said so!

Angel cake for the trifle we were making for Steven's birthday
party on Sunday
and Taylor playing with playdough...

Birthday party on Sunday. . the trifle and Tay with papa

Saturday, September 17, 2011

International ACN in Charlotte NC

We left Portland at 1100 pm Wed night and landed in Ga. around 330am
our time and then reboarded and landed in NC at 930 eastern time. .

Watched Secretariat on the longest of the two flights. .
we had a a great time trying to get the headphones to
work, Pinky and I ended up sharing phones, each got one ear!! hehe

Car ride in Charlotte. . 29.00 for a 20 minute ride!!

The Blake. . our room was on the 7th floor. .

Walking to the conference center, we saw and walked by most of the
downtown city buildings. .

Pinky and I went on a tour of ACN headquarters. . Luell and Kathy already
had done it the last time they were in Charlotte. . this is out driver, Bill.


The souths Mt Dew drink. .

One of our guides, Josh
and lunch was served, and our other guide..a sweet gal!

LOVED their government buildings, lots of freedom quotes. . it was

Time Warner arena. . lots of convention time!!

2tall Toni!

Dinner meeting here...

Our group of the Dream team!!

This Mac's Speed Shop was were we got bbq pulled
pork for Pinky and Luell, It took a 25.00 cab ride on our lunch hour,
with a cab driver who was Muslem. . he was pretty
freaked out about the pork. . I got fried dill pickles. . it was NC
cooking and southern bbq flare.

Another dinner meeting here. .at the pizza place below.

9/11 memorial before the meeting started. . it was

Cab ride with as many as we could fit in!!

Lunch in the airport. .