Sunday, January 29, 2012

Storm Updates. . And Jack!!

We get a new roof due to the storm, insurance just asks the deductible..
Terry and Jackie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WOW!! What A Week!!

last Friday night at Bliss with Lathams. . Steven's burger was bigger than his hand!!

Sat at Lovejoys for lunch before I headed to
Coos bay to the Youth dance. . this tea house was NOT our
idea of a good time. . heheh. .but i had a gift card from work. .

My new shoes and sweater from sat.'s trip to Ross!! 6.99 shoes baby!!

Then it snowed on Monday. . WHAT???

We had Taylor for a bit on Tues cuz Steven couldnt work, too much snow!! ah!!

Here with my Christmas flower. . and then Wed we had hurricane force winds
..see what it did to my roof??? NICE!! 112 mph in Charleston, 109 in Yachats and
93 at Sea lion Caves. . .we had sustained wind of 40-50 with gusts of 85 easily!!

Damage shots. . I was off most of the day and dad was off the whole day. . he went
to work, but the guys couldnt stand up the wind was so strong!
They couldnt keep their hats on even!!!

Luell had a flat and and Steve come fix it. . road side service !!
Someone had a tree fall on his truck on 35th st and it killed him!!
Bad day all around. . .


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturdays And A Primary Party

Last weekend with Taylor and Corinna and my homemade
chicken soup!! Yum!

This weekend and the Primary ice cream party. .
Verladeen and Jenn

Skip and Tay with Latham girls.

Tay with Corinna and Katelyn
and Danan

Baby Larsen. Rylyn?? and

baby Slone

Uncle Steve's new truck, dont know its name!!!