Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Parade in Reedsport

Steven and I drove to Reedsport to see their Memorial Day parade. .
Florence does have one, and I wanted to see the military on parade. .
and I wasn't disappointed!
The Coast Guard was up first, they had their helicopter flying low over the crowds,
loved the noise. . and the guy with his legs hanging out the door!

Red, white and blue was in abundance. .

Coast guard..

I think this is the Marine band. . they were in town for a couple of free concerts. .
and this parade.

The Navy was kinda my favorite today, just because they had the
coolest uniforms. . hehe, and my dad was a sailor!!

I think this was the Army. . they had a couple of soldiers in
camo too.

Marines and Army

This old guy reminded me of General Patton!

We went in part to the parade to support Emalee, she was pleased to see us there!

Florence sent a truck to the parade.

And this was my favorite shot of the day. . it was SOOO reminiscent
of the Pearl Harbor times, seeing sailors walking down the street.
in San Diego or Los Angeles. . it was totally cool! i think
I've watched way too many movies with sailors in them. . love it!

Monday, May 30, 2011

God Bless The USA

Thanks to our the military for all that you do for this country and all that has been done.There is no way to really thank those who have died to keep us safe and free, except to continue to do all that we can do to follow that same path!! I heard a great quote yesterday and thought i needed to share. . "There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer" It was from a commander in the movie Pearl Harbor and nothing is more true! When you love your country, you will do whatever it takes to serve and protect it. . so to all you do that..THANK YOU. .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon With Taylor

Taylor spent the night and her mom didnt remember to bring her
Sunday clothes by, so we improvised with one of my t shirts, a pair of her too small tights,
and a jacket that i had of hers. .her high tops and she was a fashion

After church, we stopped by the Lathams to say HI to April and Niki
and see the baby and the kittens. .

Tay loved the wolf dogs and baby Logan. .

But mostly she LOVED the kittens..

After lunch, we sat in the first sunshine we've had in forever. . and
played with ladybugs!!

Love this mid flight one of the bug!
Can you see it?? in the pic above. .

She tried to get it to go up papa's nose, but this was as close as it came!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simply Ballroom. . .

Simple Ballroom is the troupe from Utah that was here
a couple of years ago. . we housed boys then too. . this time we got
Nate and Chris. .Taylor had a great time watching the dancers
and later meeting the guys and having her pics taken with the gals.
She and the boys did card tricks till it was bedtime. . we had a fun time
visiting with the guys..
The dancing was wonderful, the tunes great, the entertainment
was really a lot of fun..thanks for the memories!

Nate and Marcos and Chris. .
cant remember his name. .



This was Taylor's favorite number.. the nerd one..really cute!

Posing with the stars!!