Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Grandma, Your Life Is an Adventure!!"

We got Taylor Thursday night and to celebrate Thanksgiving with her,
Steven took her out on the dunes Friday while I was at work. After work, we went to
Reedsport to Cash King for soda, came home in time to go to the movies, Arthur Christmas
was playing. Then we came home to leftovers and Hallmark
movies..and early bed, cuz tomorrow we are going to the football game.
We left teh house at 730 for Cottage Grove, Siuslaw is in the semi final playoffs for

We met up with Toni and Harry inline, and sat with them too... we had
a great time! LOVE football. . even if this was our first game of the year, hehe.

Nick is number 66. . he's JV, but got to dress down with team.
Loved the new mascot.. what a great Viking!!

WE WON!!!!

Then it wa off to Build A Bear for Taylor to spend her birthday cash. .
She was pretty excited to get there after hours of football!!

Then an early dinner at Chili's and a little Walmart looking around and our day was done.
I guess our life is an adventure, huh Tay??

Sunday afternoon again. .

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Night

dinner at Bliss before Nick's family party...

Verterans Day Parade 2011

Friday at 100. I took off an extra hour to watch the parade with Taylor and then took the kids to McD's with Pinky and her kids. .nice afternoon.

Pinky's nephew Julian. .