Sunday, February 19, 2012

Party Weekend. .

a new shell and a pic from work
one names Lynne and the other Lyn. . hehe

We had Taylor for the weekend. . her she is with her Valentine
bear. .

We celebrated Austin's 4th birthday with Tay and Carrina
at Sue's house. .

The Jackie had a baby shower and the girls came with me. .
it was a nice party, Jackie has a lot of friends and family and support.

Orange slices with jello inside and Jackie gets a lot of nice gifts. .

hat from me!! ha, soooo cute

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dillion Comes To Town And Beehives For Valentines

One of my new shells from Madi. . and me at work..

Aj's oldest son. Dillion came to Florence for his birthday and the
family met him and his extended family at Abbeys. He's turning 15..holy
cow..I can remember going to see him in Salem when he was 5. . he was
a nice young man to visit with.

Beehives for Valentine's Day. . tried out my new pan from Luell (for my birthday)
It worked pretty nicely. . my ganache was taking a while to set up. .
but you get the idea. .


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Of The Same, But Different. . And My Birthday Week

Wednesday the 1st we were in Salem and Lebanon and Sweet Home and Eugene
for doctor visits for Steven and a visit to see Mavis and a trip to
Walmart and dinner at! . .this is us having a birthday dinner
and me with a fun sweater on Thursday. . .

Friday night date night at Bliss with Lathams. . .

We had Taylor for the weekend and her friend Corinna was there most of it.
Steven took the girls to the dunes with the bikes and they posed before
the event.

Sunday after church, lunch before the family party at Sue's/

Happy Birthday to ME! Yummy treats and fun times with family.

I love my new purse that Bethany gave me for Christmas, and the two new shells
for my birthday! I have two more coming from excited!!

The End. .