Monday, December 28, 2009

Back To Work. .

Back to work. . to get a rest. . hahahaha. . .wow, those little girls are a workout!! Tonight we are feeding the Missionaries, and seeing what other kind of trouble we can get into!! This is Joe's last week before he goes all GI Joe on us. . . I'll keep ya posted here. . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Moments

A couple of moments in the madness. . .Ella got a bunch of those little sticky frogs. . and
Lily got shakers!!! OOO yeah!
We would throw them at each other and say.."take that!" But you couldnt
get them off your fingers. . so it was really funny!

Christmas Morning. . Born To Ride. .

Christmas Dinner at Sue's. . See The Pattern????

"Dont sit under the apple tree. . with anyone else but me. . ." wait, thats not an apple tree!!
Dinner. . pulled pork by Madi and tacos but the rest of us!! ha


Tay and papa

Madi and Joe

The girls and Alex

The girls and papa

The little girls. .


Chrismas morning. . .

Christmas Eve At Aunt Sue's

My camera battery dies half way thru the evening, so Madi has the good ones on her blog. . check them out. . here's Harry having a rice crispie snack!! Tammy and Lily
Alex and Ella

Lily and Ella

Alex in his new raincoat from Madi. . he put it on and said,"" GO FROGS"", too
much Beaver and Duck talk at his house, eh??

GM Ida and Sue with Lily and Gm's new scriptures..

Lily and her dad

Sue and her Glenn Beck..HAHAHA


Christmas. . .it was here, it is gone. All in a whirl. . mercy. I have pics for ya, Madi put on some, but the time to put them on here seems nearly impossible to find. Maybe after church today, I can put what i have on for ya. . we had a wonderful time. . babies are the best way to spend the holidays. . like in general. . but man are they a LOT OF WORK!!!! So check checking back. . .I'm still here. . .

Monday, December 21, 2009

Madi Has Arrived

Madi and Joe and the girls got here last night around 830pm, and it was a flurry of activity till around 1130 when everyone was in bed. Ella was up at 730 this morning, telling me "i up Grandma". . so i was too!. .I took the day off to help get things straighten out and up. . Madi got a lot done, I got a lot of playing with babies done. Taylor came to dinner and to play. . and it was insane!! I have pics to post, I'll try and get them on tomorrow. . its back to work and onward!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ward Christmas Party 2009

Taylor was pretty excited to come to the party and wear her Santa dress. . Taylor got to come to the ward party tonight, so we made cupcakes
and got all dressed up. . well she got dressed up!

Taylor and her dad made some art things and had dinner, then he took a nap! ha

Taylor and Abby

Each table had a tree in the middle to decorate, Tay took the lead at ours. .
then the Elders jumped in to help!!

Floyd making beautiful music. .

Brian and his snowman hat!

Tay's BIG tongue ( its really her dinner!! hahaha HAM)

Steve and GM Ida

Bishop and his tables tree. .

The McCracken's table ( they won 1st place)

Rachel's table put OLIVES on its tree. . was way cute!! (they got 2nd place)

Our gospel tree!!

Taylor as a shepard and innkeeper

The Felt children sang Jingle Bells

SANTA came to town!

Tay was excited to see Santa

The Nativity Story presented by the Primary children

The angel and Mary

Sister Barkley

The innkeepers. .

The angels

The shepards with Joseph and Mary and the Christ child


The manger scene. . .

Stars of the night!!! Taylor sang Taylor Swift and Kim
sang o so well!!!!
Tay was so nervous and yet she went up on the stage and sang into the mike in front of the whole place. . .and tonights party was PACKED!!!