Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pioneer Woman In The Pacific Northwest

We went, we saw, we had a ball!! I have photos on Sue's camera but her memory card won't work in my camera. . and I can't download them!! AHHHH !! Madi is going to try and get them on her machine for me today. . so you can enjoy what the FUN we had last night!

Ree Drummond was in the area last night, and I had looked into going over a month ago. . and Monday was the day! Pinky and I and Luell left here and picked up Sue in Eugene( she had taken our mom to the doctor with her Steve), so we grabbed her at Target and then headed to Corvallis to get Stephanie, Pinky's daughter. Then it was off to the book signing!! We waited from 4:45 till 9:30 to get our's signed. . but it was so much fun waiting and chatting and mingling with other bloggers and PW fans.

What a gracious and really just nice woman she is!! We got our photo taken with her, and I can't wait to post it for ya! We all got our books signed and even had Ree's oldest daughter Alex sign a page with her picture. . and had a nice visit with Marlboro man's mother. . what a sweet lady! They loved it here in Northwest. . and I even remember to take along some copies on the Oregon Coast Magazine to share with them. She said they would read them on the plane. . they are not big flyers, so the distraction would be welcome!

We just had a wonderful time. After the signing, we went to Baja Fresh for a really LATE dinner and then headed home. Late night, lots of laughter, lots of stopping to potty. . lots of memories.
Thanks PW for the adventure!!


Patti said...

I would have LOVED getting in on that fun!

Pinky said...

Oh So Fun! Loved every minute of it!